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As of October 25th, 2020, and until November 8th, 2020, following relevant EU decisions, residents of Canada are not allowed to enter Greece.


  1. Greek nationals and EU/Schengen Area citizens may enter Greece at any time, regardless if there are travel restrictions in place or not. Greek citizens, i.e. persons duly registered in the Records of a Municipality in Greece, need to hold either a Greek passport or a new Greek Identity Card (Αστυνομική Ταυτότητα) with Greek/English typo, along with their valid third-country passport, e.g. Canadian passport. Greek citizens who do not hold a Greek passport nor a Greek ID, may apply to their district’s Consulate for a “citizenship attestation”. In this case, they will be asked to present:
  1. Their valid Canadian passport.
  2. Their flight itinerary.
  3. If there is a discrepancy between their names in the Canadian passport and in the Greek Municipal Records, additional documentation may be required.
  4. 10 euros payable in Canadian dollars in cash.

2. Spouses/parties to a civil partnership and minor children of EU or Schengen Area citizen.

3. Permanent residents in a EU/Schengen Area country, including Greece.

4. Members of diplomatic/consular missions or international/European organizations.

5. Medical/nursing staff, researchers/professionals in the health sector on condition of their immediate inclusion in the Greek National Health System management.

6. In extreme emergency (essential business or imperative family reasons), a third-country national may apply to their district’s Greek consular authority for a permit to enter Greece. The applicant should be ready to provide supporting documentation. The request will be reviewed by the relevant Greek consular authority.

All travelers to Greece are obliged to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF), at least 24 hours before entering the country. All pertinent information and updates are available on

October 30, 2020

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