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Representativesfrom Greece on behalf of the Organization ELGO - DEMETER are visiting Torontofor two weeks, and are giving you the opportunity to try, as well as purchaseauthentic PDO certified Feta cheese from Greece.

OnWednesday, April 10, at Soula’s Restaurant on the Danforth, they hosted aprivate meeting with the media to present thier authentic PDO Feta and treatmedia representatives to an inspirational Feta based meal.

Ifyou are out doing your groceries in Toronto from April 10th - 19th, don’t missthe chance to taste some authentic Greek feta at Sobeys, Loblaws or Pusat eri’sFine Foods.

Tryout the special feta-based menu offered in one of these restaurants: ColossusGreek Taverna, Mamakas Taverna, Mezes, Floga Toronto, Penelope Restaurant,Pantheon Restaurant, Arkadia House, Soula’s Modern Greek Cuisine, SantoriniRestaurant, and Volos Feta Feta is a white brined cheesethat is traditionallyproduced in Greece from sheep’s milk, or a mixture of sheep and up to 30%goat’s milk and is recognized as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)product.

 It is Greece’s flagship national product, asit reflects the country’s dietary tradition and gastronomy being directlyrelated to Greek history and customs. The history of Feta According to ancientGreek mythology, the Cyclops Polyphemus, son of Poseidon god of the sea, wasthe first cheese manufacturer and in particular feta in the world. Whilecarrying the milk he had collected from his sheep in his cave every day, henoticed that after a few days’ time the milk would thicken, taking a solid,tasty and edible form. Feta has been a basic component of the ancient Greeks’diet. Its special characteristics, that have remained intact through time, werepassed down from generation to generation, making feta a symbol of localcultural heritage and synonymous of the Mediterranean diet. How is Feta PDOmade Feta PDO is made of fresh or pasteurized sheep’s milk or a mixture ofsheep and up to 30% goat’s milk. Following are the stages of milk curding,straining, salting, after which feta is placed in wooden barrels or specialmetallic tins filled with brine, where it is left to mature for a period of atleast two months. During maturation period, Feta acquires its unique aromas anddistinctive flavor variations: hard or soft, at times salty, peppery or spicy.Nutritional value of Feta Feta PDO is the ideal gustatory suggestion for yourcooking creations, while, at the same time, by introducing it to your dailydiet you can take advantage of the high nutritional benefits that consumptionof dairy products has to offer within a balanced diet, as they are rich incalcium and proteins. Feta also contains phosphorus, vitamin A and B complexvitamins.

•The production of Feta PDO follows the strict European quality and safetyspecifications under which a product can be certified as PDO.

•Feta PDO is produced in the geographical area of mainland Greece and theislands of Lesvos, Limnos and Agios Efstratios.

•The milk comes from sheep and goat breeds that graze freely in specificgeographical areas in Greece, which stand out for their rich biodiversity andspecial soil and weather conditions.

• Nopowdered milk, colorants or preservatives are used for the production of FetaPDO which is free of antibiotic substances as well.

•The milk, in combination with the production and maturation process that mustlast for at least 2 months, give Feta PDO a unique taste, with exquisitecharacteristics such as full flavor, rich aromas, white coloring and aconsistent but wonderfully soft structure. Feta PDO constitutes a uniqueauthentic cheese that must be available to all consumers!

•Feta is a cheese of high nutritional value relatively low in fat and calories.It also contains B complex vitamins and calcium.

• Inorder for a cheese to be registered as Feta PDO, it must be certified as suchby ELGO – DEMETER (www.elgo. gr), which is the national certification agency.This certification ensures that all product specifications are being met duringthe entire production process and guarantees to consumers that Feta PDO theyare enjoying is a completely safe, high quality product. Feta, a key element ofthe Mediterranean diet Feta PDO plays a key role in the Mediterranean diet, thedietary model suggested by numerous nutritionists in order to maintain goodhealth and achieve long life expectancy. The Mediterranean diet is based onhigh consumption of natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, olive oil and asfor dairy products mostly Feta cheese. Feta PDO is a cheese of rich taste thatone must enjoy. Plain or grilled, fried or cooked it can bring anotherdimension to all your recipes! In salads or in sandwiches, in recipes au gratinwith potatoes or pasta, in pizzas, crumbled in omelets, in refreshing dips, intraditional pies or tarts, combined with fruits like watermelon, Feta PDO isthe kind of cheese that you can enjoy as an appetizer, as part of the maincourse andeven as a dessert!

d with aid from the European Union

April 12, 2019

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