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In a show of unwavering support for the well-being of seniors and the community, mayoral candidate Giorgio Mammoliti took a bold stand against the city's proposed permanent homelessness shelter and safe injection site on the property of Willowdale Manor at 175 Cummer Avenue and other locations throughout the city.
Despite facing physical obstruction from city officials, Mammoliti's steadfast determination and deep understanding of the rules enabled him to attend the public meeting, where he sought to voice his concerns and advocate for the residents of Willowdale Manor. His extensive experience, dedication, and many years of service made him the only candidate to take a proactive role in the meeting, while other candidates merely observed from outside.
Mammoliti believes in transitional housing and supports that provide the proper help people need while respecting the rest of the community, including seniors, families, and children. His approach aims to create a comprehensive and empathetic solution to address homelessness and addiction, considering the welfare of all community members.
In addition, Mammoliti has been contacted by other communities around Toronto who are facing similar challenges with such sites. He has vowed to address each and every site, prioritizing consultation, community safety, and the well-being of families in every decision he makes.
During the meeting, Mammoliti also mentioned that Jag Sharma, President and CEO of Toronto Community Housing Corporation, and Tom Hunter, Chief Executive Officer at Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation, both present at the meeting, would not be too far behind Dr. Eileen de Villa once he is elected mayor. This remark underscores Mammoliti's commitment to holding key decision-makers accountable for the welfare of Toronto's most vulnerable citizens.
As a champion of seniors' rights and family values, Giorgio Mammoliti has pledged to put a stop to the homelessness project and safe injection site once he is elected mayor. His unwavering dedication to protecting the welfare of Toronto's seniors and families showcases his strong leadership qualities and commitment to fostering a safe, supportive community for all.
By prioritizing the needs of seniors and recognizing the potential impact of such a project on their lives, Mammoliti is urging the citizens of Toronto to join him in opposing this ill-conceived plan.

April 28, 2023

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