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Theo Xenophontos, a Ph.D. candidate at York University's Cinema and Media Studies program, is currently working on a dissertation project that seeks to create a community-based audiovisual media archive devoted to the Cypriot Canadian diaspora. This archive is being built upon the foundation of personally recorded interviews with members of the community and donated media materials from across a variety of platforms, including home movies, videotapes, and photographs. Overseeing these interviews and acquiring these items are essential because they allow the average citizen to tell their story on their own terms, while also connecting that story to a broader communal and societal history.  
Theo is seeking participants who are willing to take part in either video or audio interviews (video is preferred but not required). The interviews will be as long as the interviewee wants, but typically last for one-to-two hours. Interviews can take place in person or over Zoom (in-person is preferred for optimal image quality). Oral history projects such as these are integral to preserving the history of underrepresented communities such as the Cypriot Canadian diaspora and can serve as a repository for future scholars, as well as for future generations of our community.
For more information, please see  and contact Theo at

June 23, 2023

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