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Together, with matching funds from the Hellenic Heritage Foundation Board of Directors, we managed to raise an incredible $10,550 in support of the HHF Next Generation Committee’s fundraising drive for St. John’s the Compassionate Mission.
The Mission is dedicated to outreach and care for vulnerable individuals and families who rely heavily on their support. With increasing costs of living and added pressures around the Holiday Season, the urgency to support those most vulnerable is more important than ever. 100% of funds raised this Giving Tuesday will go towards the Mission and the vital service they provide for our community.
Thank you for your generosity today and every day from all of us at the Hellenic Heritage Foundation.
Looking forward to a bright 2024 as we continue our work to preserve and promote our Hellenic heritage in Canada.
Many thanks once again and hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season,

Vicki Alexopoulos Read
Next Generation Committee Chair
Hellenic Heritage Foundation

December 1, 2023

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