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It was an evening of tremendous success last Friday for the HHF Next Generation Launch Party.
It was a pleasure to have met so many young people at the Peppermill Theatre enjoy the artwork, food & drink and exclusive screening of the Greek film - «Her Job».
«The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and there is so much excitement for the HHF Talks in the fall. I also saw so many Greeks that I have never seen at other Greek events. I think that’s a great sign that we are reaching well beyond the traditional sphere of Greek community influence. I think we’ve started something really special and have the potential to do really amazing things.» Stated Nicole Andreakos. Chair, HHF Next Generation Committee. “I could not be more proud of this event and the efforts of the HHF’s Next Generation Committee! We will continue to engage and inspire the next generation of Hellenic Canadians. Stay tuned for details about the launch of our mentorship initiative - the HHF Talks - coming this fall”

Peter Triantos attended and inspired everyone attending with his art work.
Peter lives and works in Toronto where his work is featured in many of his galleries. He has successfully represented himself internationally while further developing his astonishing artistic styles. Fascinated with sculpture and old master paintings as an avid collector himself, he projects his own unique vision through abstract expressionism.

May 17, 2019

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