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GRECA TV is a new bold venture with the stated goal of preserving Greek culture, the Greek language and faith. Its target audience is the millions of Greeks of the diaspora with the expressed desire of building a bridge between the Greeks who live abroad and those who live in the fatherland.
The venture is spearheaded by Bill Fatsis, a retired Justice of the Peace from Toronto, who states that Greca TV “represents and collaborates with the best and biggest ethnic TV channels distribution platform.”
Greca TV content will be available free-of-charge and it will also provide paid Greek TV subscriptions at a cheaper price with a lot more value than traditional subscription providers, according to Mr. Fatsis.
The plan is to make consumer access easily accessible from Greca’s website Mr. Fatsis intends to support local Greek organizations such as churches, communities and associations by promoting them free of charge and by providing 30% of net paid subscriptions for each of their subscribed members.
Greca TV will be funded by advertisements which according to Mr. Fatsis will be at low prices to make them affordable for small businesses. It will provide live stream and on-demand content from its own distribution platform with representatives in most Greek communities of the diaspora.
One of the secondary aims of the new venture is to reduce the use of illegally provided access to Greek content. It is better known as piracy and Mr. Fatsis is vehemently opposed to it. he has spent several years researching the project and expressed optimism about the success of the enterprise and the value it will provide to businesses and consumers alike.

December 23, 2022

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