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I'm Nectaria Kladitis and I’m a Certified Energy Leadership Coach.
As a coach, we empower entrepreneurial families to engage their energy and create success. We strategically help families using our Say NAI to Life method from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with their current path in life TO unlocking their highest potential and achieving ease, flow, and prosperity in their life and business.
Today's culture has us being proud of hustling.
The hustle mentality is like wearing a badge of honour and I used to be a part of this for the longest time.
Being addicted to working endlessly and being proud of it.
Until I learned otherwise.
We can only do limited things as humans as our effort is limited to the number of hours in a day.
But although Effort is limited, Energy is limitless.
When we tap into the world of energy we allow the magic to happen effortlessly.
So how do we do that?
How do you tap into the energy field?
It’s very simple
All you have to do is focus and sustain your energy toward one thing at a time and release any expectations you have.
This is also where your superpowers come into play.
If you would like our “Activate your Superpowers Kit” you can email me for the link to your Superpower Activation Kit.
What is key, is to release any and all expectations of the HOW.
Many people ask but how will I do this?
The HOW is none of your business!
All you have to do is focus all your attention and intention on step one of your goal.
Don’t scatter your energy on all the steps.
Focusing on many steps together is how you scatter your energy and it's not focused or aligned towards your intent.
Be super Clear on your goal - again this is another superpower in the kit you should read on and activate.
When we focus all our energy on just the first step, that's where the magic happens.
The magic is where all the synchronized opportunities arise.
Some people like to think of them as coincidences but they are synchronizations that come to you as a divine being.
They come to you in a synchronized manner because you have called upon them.
Once you create the big vision (your goal), you want to tap into its energy field through your other superpowers.
Detach from the HOW and this will guide you effortlessly through the manifestation of your goal.
Your goal is not going to show up from your hustling efforts which are limited and drains your creativity.
When you have a clear-cut pathway in front of you, energy is blocked.
You have cut away all possibilities that can show up because you have streamlined everything to happen through a path of effort and hustle.
You have already given it a pre-determined path.
You have killed off the endless abundance of limitless energy and what it can provide through the energy fields.
Your effort will always be limited.
While your limitless energy opens the gateway to infinite creation and where all possibilities exist.
Say NAI to Life

January 27, 2023

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