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Many families reach out to us to ask how they can create more freedom and prosperity in their lives.
I love getting this question because it means they are truly thinking about creating abundance for themselves and their families.
My question to them is where do you want freedom in your life?
Many people dream of creating more freedom and prosperity in their lives, but often feel stuck or unsure of how to make it a reality. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to achieve these goals and improve your quality of life.
Together, we will explore the various types of freedom you can attain, the success formula for achieving it, and action tips to help you get started.
Types of Freedom:
Freedom can take many forms, and it is important to identify which areas of your life you want to improve. Some of the most common types of freedom include:

  1. Time: the ability to spend your time as you wish, without being tied down by work or other obligations.
  2. Money: financial freedom and the ability to support yourself and your family without stress or worry.
  3. Relationship: the freedom to build healthy, fulfilling relationships with those around you.
  4. Purpose of Business: the ability to create a business or career that aligns with your values and goals.
  5. Purpose in Life: the freedom to pursue your passions and live a life that feels meaningful and purposeful.
    Success Formula for Achieving Freedom (Say NAI to Life Method):
    To achieve more freedom in your life, we have customized a success formula that has helped ourselves as well as the many families we guide.
  6. Awareness: Start by taking truly seeing your current situation. What type of freedom do you have now, and what do you want to achieve? Be honest with yourself and take note of any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts you may have.
  7. Desire: Once you know where you want are, start to look at where you want to go. Set clear goals and visualize what your life will look like when you have achieved them. Allow yourself to feel the excitement and joy of that reality.
  8. Acceptance: Take a hard look at your current thoughts and feelings around your desired freedom. Are there any negative beliefs or emotions that are holding you back? Identify them and work to release them.
  9. Aligned Action: Take inspired, aligned action towards your goals. This means taking steps that are aligned with the end in mind. Live as if you have already achieved your desired level of freedom, as this will allow you to attract it to you with ease.
    Action Tips
    To put this success formula into practice, here are some specific action tips:
  10. Practice gratitude: Be thankful for what you already have, even as you work towards something better. Gratitude opens up the flow of abundance in your life.
  11. Flip limiting beliefs: Whenever you notice a negative thought or belief about your desired freedom, flip it around and create a positive affirmation. For example, if you believe that making more money is hard, tell yourself that money comes to you with ease and flow. My favourite affirmation is: I am a magnet to wealth and abundance.
  12. Live from the end in mind: Visualize yourself already having achieved your desired freedom, and live as if that reality is already here. This will help you attract the people, opportunities, and situations that will support you in achieving your goals.
    Creating more freedom and prosperity in your life is a goal, and one that is achievable with the right mindset and actions. By identifying the type of freedom you want, following the success formula of awareness, desire, acceptance, and aligned action, and taking specific action tips, you can start to see your reality through a different lens. Above all, always stay open, grateful, and aligned with your values as you pursue your goals, and enjoy the journey towards a more abundant life. Say NAI to Life
February 17, 2023

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