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After three and a half months, Toronto drivers will no longer be able to park on the streets for free.

Back in March, after the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, Toronto police announced that parking enforcement had been suspended for a number of offences, such as on-street parking time limits.

At the time, police said the decision was made due to “the changing needs of our city, particularly for those who are now working from home, caring for others, or trying to ensure the flow of goods and services.”

However, in a news release issued on Tuesday, police said that parking enforcement will be returning as of July 2 with a “phased-in approach over the next several weeks.”

As of Thursday, the following parking violations will be enforced:

- enforcement of change-over parking in areas where parking regulations require a change from one side of the street to the other

- enforcement of paid on-street parking regulations

“Members of the public will be required to move their vehicles to the permitted side of the street and pay for on-street parking, where required,” police said in the release.

“Parking Enforcement will continue to exercise discretion in other on-street areas and enforcement will only take place when necessary to ensure the safe flow of traffic.”

July 3, 2020

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