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The funny thing is that everyone wants a magic recipe. We always wanted instant solutions and answers to our questions. Today, though it’s more prominent than ever before.
Let’s see whether it’s timing the market the way to go. “I will sell when the prices are higher!” and “I will buy when the prices go down!”. If these are your thoughts I sure hope you were not planning on doing both at the same time. Because it does not seem to make sense, does it? In reality, most of the time you sell high and you buy high. When you buy low, you sell low.
No one can predict what will happen and when. The answer to when is the best time to sell and buy a home For You has nothing to do with interest rates. Or the market, or the economy, or anything else.
The answer to your question is not out there. If you own a 1 bedroom condo and now have 2 kids, how long can you live there? If your job is moving you more than 2 hours drive away, what makes sense for you to do? If you were planning to sell this home and retire this year how long do you want to wait?
It’s your question. It’s your choice. It’s your life.
#Remember to Say NAI/Yes to Life.
Every Single Day.

September 8, 2023

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