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The TTC has announced it will be adding external cameras to some buses, streetcars and Wheel-Trans vehicles in attempts to improve public safety and to assist with TTC-related investigations.
In a statement, TTC said they are one of the last municipalities in the province to implement such a system. However, installations of the forward-facing and external cameras will begin on above-ground vehicles starting Monday, Jan. 28.
The TTC said they have hosted both online and in-person consultations, which showed that 85 per cent of participants supported the program.
The statement explains that vehicles with the updated camera system will be specifically marked to notify the public when the exterior cameras are turned on and recording. The video will be cleared and overwritten after 72 hours, unless used for investigative purposes.
Video on Wheel-Trans vehicles, meanwhile, will last for seven days.
TTC said their CCTV footage will be managed and prepared by the video service unit. Footage will be released to law enforcement agencies when it is relevant or requested. Globalnews

January 25, 2019

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