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When your family is considering the sale of a home there are some key points to know. These are relevant no matter the type of home, condo, detached, etc.

They are crucial for the achievement of a successful sale.
1) The investments that impress. When buyers enter your home, they pay attention to the kitchen, bathrooms, and floors. Obviously, it is important for the house to be in good shape. Yet, having updated these 3 always makes an impression. A residence with these tastefully updated will attract more interested buyers.

2) Trust and communication. The choice of a Realtor or real estate agent is a very personal thing. Selling as well as buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. This is why choosing someone you trust and can communicate with is key.

3) Marketing and promotion. You may have the most beautiful home of them all but if no one knows it or comes to see it how will you sell it? An effective real estate agent / Realtor has a strategy in place. To make sure your residence is presented in the best possible light and stands out. This often includes aspects such as styling or staging the home, professional photography, 3D tours, and video shoots. Even a home inspection report to reassure interested buyers.
Additionally, a professional will have the network to promote it to other real estate agents. To make it easy for interested buyers to find out about your home.

4) Dedication and availability. A real estate agent in today’s market will need to go the extra mile. Being available to answer calls, messages, and emails that any interested buyer may have is crucial. Being committed to you and to the process to get the job done.

5) Experience in challenging markets. Working with real estate agents who have the skill set necessary to deal with a changing market is a game changer. It is one thing to negotiate when there are 10 offers on the table. It’s another thing to negotiate one-on-one with a fellow real estate agent to get a home sold. Especially when there are plenty of houses available for sale.

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October 6, 2023

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