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If you're a student and in need of a job, now's the best time to start looking. Thousands of positions are newly available through the Canada Summer Jobs Program in Ontario. You can get a job in tons of different fields, and many of them pay more than minimum wage. 

The hiring period kicked off on May 15, so you can start applying today.

According to a news release, more jobs will continue to be added to the job board in the coming weeks and months, so you can keep checking for new ones. 

The job placements will be in fields that are community-based and involved with the not-for-profit, small business and public sectors.

Many of the placements will be in community services that aim to deliver support to vulnerable people who have been affected by COVID-19. 

"Job placements could range from tele-mental health support lines for youth to delivering remote education services," the statement reads.

Search filters allow job seekers to look for specific jobs, for instance, as program leaders for fitness and sports teams, or as social and community service workers. 

Other popular searches are in marketing and public relations, or for program officer jobs. 

Although many of the jobs offer a basic minimum wage hourly pay, all fields have options that pay a little extra. 

For example, you can get yourself a position as a full-time community service worker in Oakville, a job that pays $20.81 an hour. 

You can also sign up to be a coordinator of special events in Toronto for $18 an hour this summer. It is a full time, seasonal position. 

However, you don't have to sign up for full-time work if you don't want to. There are also part-time opportunities if you want a lighter hourly load.

The Canada Summer Job (CSJ) program is made especially for Canadians ages 15-30. Due to COVID-19, the government has made some changes to CSJ this year. 

For example, they are increasing the wage subsidy so that small businesses are still able to hire staff. In fact, employers in the not-for-profit sector are eligible for a 100% wage subsidy from the government, the news release states. 

The government has also extended the hiring process all the way into February of next year, giving employees a bigger window of opportunity to find work.

May 22, 2020

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