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Effie Triantafilopoulos MPP, Ontario, Canada becomes 1st Vice President and Steve  Georganas Federal MP Australia elected as 2nd Vice-President 

(Coventry, RI 4/12/2021) Rhode Island State Senator Leonidas Raptakis pledges to expand the  ΠΑΓΚΟΣΜΙΑ ΔΙΑΚΟΙΝΟΒΟΥΛΕΥΤΙΚΗ ΕΝΩΣΗ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΣΜΟΥ (Πα.Δ.Ε.Ε)/WORLD  ΗΕLLENIC INTER-PARLIAMENTARY ASSOCIATION (WHIA) mission, making the organization  an essential resource for connecting Hellenes worldwide and building stronger communications between  members.  

The re-organization of the WHIA/PADEE Board of Directors took place on April 9, 2021 via Zoom and  included the election of two additional members, Eleni Petinos of the New South Wales Parliament in Australia and Nicole Klerides Ditria of the Connecticut House of Representatives in the United States. 

Raptakis had served on PADDE/WHIA’s board as 1st Vice-President and Effie Triantafilopoulos served as 2nd Vice-President. Both were elevated automatically per the by-laws of the organization due to the election loss of former President of PADEE/WHIA Peter Katsambanis as a member of the Western Australia Parliament representing Hilarys. Steve Georganas, a Federal MP from Australia, was elected to serve as the new 2nd Vice-President and Stephan Pappas a Wyoming State Senator from the United States current Board of Directors member was also elected Treasurer.

Other members of the PADEE/WHIA Board of Directors are Nova Scotia Finance, Trade and Business Minister and member of the Nova Scotia Legislature Labi Kousoulis of Canada, Vagelis Haritatos, Deputy Minister for Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement and a Member of the  National Assembly of Zimbabwe for Muzvezve, and Dragos-Gabriel Zispol Federal member of the  National Parliament of Romania. 

Triantafilopoulos said, “This organization is a meaningful resource for its members in this age of global  communications and it will promote strong relationships between the countries that we are elected from  and with Greece and Cyprus.”  

Raptakis took this first opportunity to express his disappointment in the electoral result especially of a fellow elected Hellene and to honour and thank Mr. Peter Katsambanis for his contribution as President of the PADEE/WHIA over the last four years and as 1st Vice-President for two years. The PADEE/ WHIA plans to honor Mr. Katsambanis more formally at its next General Assembly. 

“We have an opportunity to make this organization a resource for all of its members, a vehicle for  keeping Hellenes from all over the world connected to the work being done in different countries to  promote issues of concern to Greece and Cyprus,” said Raptakis. “In this Information Age, we need to  encourage vigorous discussions and adopt policies that will put WHIA at the forefront of the effort to  build bridges between our member nations.” 

“Over the years, I’ve worked on a variety of issues—from Cyprus to protection of the Ecumenical  Patriarchate and other issues of concern,” said Georganas. “The PADEE/ WHIA is an important  organization for disseminating information and mobilizing Greek communities all over the world.” 

The PADEE/WHIA meets as a General Assembly every two years in Athens and the 13th such  conference is tentatively scheduled for this July 2021 but due to Covid 19 final plans have not been  announced. The PADEE/ WHIA Board of Directors plan to meet online more frequently to build  support for financial investment, education, culture and other areas of partnerships among all our elected  members the nations we represent with Greece and Cyprus.  

Raptakis said the new board will focus its energies on providing dynamic and outspoken diaspora  support to Greece, as it finds itself in an increasingly tense situation with its neighbor, Turkey. The  board will also endeavor to strategically aid the Hellenic Republic’s economic recovery from the  pandemic by mobilizing investment and other forms of financial support for Greece. Finally, Raptakis  said the board will intensify the dialogue and exchanges between WHIA, the Presidency of the Hellenic  Republic, the Permanent Committee on Greeks Abroad as well as the Executive and Members of the  Greek Parliament to mutually set out meaningful objectives for effective action and collaboration. 

“There are a number of serious issues facing the Greek community worldwide and I want to make sure  PADEE/WHIA is giving its members the information they need to get involved in resolving these  matters,” said Raptakis. “I also want to make sure that when there are challenges facing the Greek  community within a particular country, Hellenes worldwide are given the chance to make a difference  and offer their support.”

The PADEE/WHIA consists of approximately 85 members throughout the world and mainly comprised of 43 members from the United States, 20 members from Australia, 10 members from Canada and other  members from Germany, Romania, South Africa, Switzerland, Zimbabwe and other nations.  

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Leonidas Raptakis, President (U.S.A.)

Effie Triantafilopoulos, 1st Vice-President (Canada) Steven Georganas, 2nd Vice President (Australia)

Steven Georganas, 2nd Vice President (Australia)

Stephan Pappas, Treasurer and Board member (U.S.A.)

Labi Kousoulis, Board member (Canada)

Nicole Klarides Ditria, Board member (U.S.A.)

Vangelis Haritatos, Board member (Zimbabwe)

Eleni Petinos, Board member (Australia)

Dragos-Gabriel Zispol, Board member (Romania)


NOULAS, George, (Greece)

 PADEE/WHIA Secretariat 22-24 Amalias Avenue, Athens Greece  Tel +30-210-373-3860

April 16, 2021

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